Make your products the market leader

Create unique interactive 3D Books that explains the science and use cases of your product

Market leading dental brands achieved their position, because dentists were taught clinical techniques using their products.

Dentists can now learn as effectively with 3D Books, that feature your products, on smartphones and tablets. Anywhere, anytime.

Get greater product awareness

You can reach dentists worldwide with this digital product.
Doctors interested in your product, don't need to physically visit your store or CE event to learn about your product.

Save thousands on product distribution

By not needing to spending on venue hire, staff, catering and other costs related to hosting a CE course, you could potentially save thousands on targeting highly engaged dentists who download your books.
Dentists can also earn CE credits like traditional courses.

Demonstrate your product or technique in realistic 3D

We can create realistic 3D interactive animations of your product or technique up to 100,000 vertices.
This is as real as it gets without physically touching your product.

Why Us?

We have over 30 years combined experience 3D animation in USA and Canada. In addition to creating 3D Books, we can help in other ways as well:

We're dentists too.

Because we know and speak the language of dentistry, many of our clients take a complete hands off approach throughout the project.

Our Clients

We've worked with world renowned universities and KOLs.

Interested in creating your own 3D Book?