We build interactive 3D scientific manuals for dental product companies and higher education.

Why 3D?

3D Books are an innovative and effective way of teaching doctors about your product or clinical technique. Anywhere, anytime.
Show Off Your Product or Technique in 3D

We can create realistic 3D interactive animations of your product or technique up to 100,000 vertices. Videos can also be embedded to demonstrate your product as well.

Reach Large Audiences

Get your product or clinical philosophy out there, without your audience needing to come to you. It's as real as it gets without needing your customer to see it in person.

Embed Direct Links

The digital format of 3D books, allow for links to be embedded to redirect users to your product sales, course or sign-up page.

Provide CE Credits

Dentists who use your book also get the added benefit of earning CE credits which they can use towards their annual registration requirements.

Why Us?

We're a 3D animation company with an in-house dental advisory board.
We have over 30 years combined experience, spanning Australia, Canada and USA.
With our unique technical ability, we assist our clients with other projects as well.

We're dentists too.

Many of our clients take a complete hands off approach throughout the project as we're very involved in the dental space - as both clinicians and teachers.

Our Clients

We've worked with world renowned universities and KOLs.

We're Building The Future In 3D. Join Us.